LOT-EK is a full-scope architecture studio that focuses on designing buildings and environments by upcycling industrial objects/systems including - though not limited to - the shipping container. As a full-scope architecture design studio, LOT-EK develops custom-designed projects from Concept Design, to Construction Drawings/Specifications (including coordination of engineering, permitting and bidding), and Fabrication/Construction Supervision.

LOT-EK is an international architecture design studio. We design and oversee the fabrication/construction of buildings and environments all over the world. Our buildings are designed to respond

 LOT-EK is not a fabrication/construction company. We do not fabricate or sell any of our projects directly. We have developed and keep developing relationships with fabricators and contractors in many parts of the world as we believe that projects should be fabricated/built locally. 
We bring the design and technical know-how and we look for fabrication/construction capabilities wherever our project are.

To inquire about a new project, please click here .
Please describe the project you are considering including as much detail as you can share about:
- general project goals
- location
- intended building type and use
- intended building size
- target timing
- target budget
- any other detail you'd like to share

You should expect a response within a week. If no other information is required, we will set up an initial call with the partner in charge of new projects.

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