LOT-EK is internationally recognized for initiating the concept of creating architecture at all scales with infrastructural and industrial objects — most notably the standard 40-foot shipping container. Our decades of experience provides us with both the design and technological expertise needed to adapt shipping containers as highly conceptual buildings for institutional, commercial, or residential clients. Shipping containers serve as both a source of inspiration, as well as a source of materials from which to create buildings. Through such literal operations as cutting, opening, unfolding, and shifting; and through additional strategies of multiplication and repetition, we develop the latent potential of these objects for architectural applications. We strive to translate the anonymous perfection of these artifacts into public and private lives.

Our vast experience working with shipping containers has led us to understand the multiple benefits of working with them as a basis for innovative architecture, versus traditional construction.

Sustainability: The “upcycling” of shipping containers as a construction technology is a highly sustainable practice, and has shown to be a strong asset for our clients—both politically and financially. Beyond the inherent sustainability of our design methodology, we are committed to researching and implementing innovative ways to conserve materials and energy.

Modularity: Shipping containers naturally lend themselves to creating smart, modular configurations for any application, including cultural, institutional, commercial or residential projects of any size. This also applies to renovations as the needs of a planned space changes over time.

Durability: Containers are made entirely of Corten steel, and their assembly creates a stronger and more durable structure than typical construction methods.

Efficiency: Building with containers allows clients to shorten the time typically needed to construct a new building. Site preparation and off-site module fabrication can be timed to occur simultaneously, which can result in a time savings of 4-6 months.

We are currently developing several commissioned and awarded assignments for cultural institutions, as well as large commercial and residential developers. The projects are conceptually and programmatically diverse, and are larger in scale and complexity than previous built work. They illustrate our design and building expertise, which includes working with a core team of well-known technical experts and construction partners—allowing us to design innovative buildings for a variety of needs and budgets. In addition to our commissioned work for clients, we actively pursue select design competitions to further expand the possibilities of building with containers. We leverage these speculative prospects as opportunities to balance high conceptual design with equally high levels of intelligence and functionality. Our intent is to create exciting and compelling architecture that is unlike anything else.