Client: Band of Outsiders/Scott Sternberg
Type: Fashion Retail / Showroom
Location: Soho, New York City
Size: 5,000 SF
Design: 2014
Project Architect: Aaron Mark
Fabricator: Daedalus Design and Production
Photography: Danny Bright

Our collaboration with Band of Outsiders continues to further develop the brand’s retail identity, this time with the brand's New York flagship store in Soho. As with the Tokyo store, the design concept focuses around the center of the space - upcycling road case technology to operate as display, storage, lighting, and a functional and visual anchor.
On casters, the “monster road case” also provides flexibility as it can be moved around to accommodate different space configurations. The white cases are open with their covers suspended above. At the floor, cases function as flat display for folded items and shoes as their covers contain overhead lighting and hanging rods. Along the walls of the loft space, cases for hanging and shelving can be folded closed to accommodate Band’s different display needs. The overall flexibility of each type of cases allows the space to be utilized in a variety of ways, ranging from everyday store operation to special events.
Paying homage to the brand’s cinematic roots, a large wall-mural is used as a backdrop for the scene of the store space. Like the cases, the image can also be easily changed to compliment collections or seasons.