NYC Compost Project hosted by Big Reuse operates 14 food scrap sites in NYC, targeting composting at the neighborhood scale.  

For the site right below the Queensboro Bridge, where domestic food scraps are collected and processed into composting, a small enclosed unit is the workspace and a warm area to gather for the composting operators, as well as the interface with the surrounding community – a space to support learning about waste and community engagement. A second, even smaller, unit was inserted in a small empty space at the Gowanus site. It follows the same logic of the previous one, offering a warm space to rest and work.

All components for both projects – windows, lights, furniture – are upcycled from the Big Reuse material recycling warehouse in Brooklyn, that aims to positively impact the construction and demolition industry in the city.


Project Name:            BigReuse Compost #1 + #2
Design:                      LOT-EK, Ada Tolla + Giuseppe Lignano, Principals, Virginie                                         Stolz, Project Architect
Client:                         BigReuse Compost
Location:                   NYC –Queensborough Bridge, NYC Parks Department site +                                     Gowanus, Brooklyn
Size:                          160sqft + 80sqft
Design:                     2018 +2019                                   
Photography:            Danny Bright