UPCYCLE is the process of looking at ordinary objects and inventing extraordinary architecture. LOT-EK is fascinated by the everyday, the seemingly ordinary, the distinctive qualities of a material culture that is not, seemingly, intentionally exceptional. Thus, the ready-made and the pop reclamation of the deceptively banal – from Duchamp to Warhol. Thus the “low” in LOT-EK: the manmade landscape, from domestic to geographic, and the humility and banality, yet quality and ability, of the generic components from which that landscape is assembled. We seek these objects’ latent potential, either by enhancing their inherent qualities, or by radically counter-programming their use. We find a tough beauty in violent precision, remembering pioneering incisions and displacements by Matta-Clark and others with a feeling for steel, air, and the sharpest imaginary knife.

As practitioners of ecologically intelligent design, LOT-EK is internationally recognized for initiating the concept of creating architecture at all scales with shipping containers. Our decades of experience makes us the only full-service architecture studio with the design and technical expertise needed to leverage shipping containers as highly conceptual buildings for cultural, institutional, commercial, or residential clients. UPCYCLE -- our latest book showing how we transform ordinary objects into daring, striking, and modern buildings. Click on image at left to purchase your copy of UPCYCLE.