LOAD IN / LOAD OUT @ the Chicago Architecture Bienniale

LOAD IN / LOAD OUT is a staging area and stage for a theatre: LOT-EK THEATRE FOR ONE (T41), a spatially one-to-one environmental drawing for a deployable object that shelters a socially one-to-one performative experience. As a staging area the installation servicesthe T41, a two-person performer/audiencer environment upcycled from “roadcase” musical/technical instrument case components, designed for deployment at urban sites (theater deserts) to catalyze intimately public performance art.

As a stage, the installation documents and contextualizes the T41 when it is deployed away from the Biennial gallery into Chicago communities. Jerry-rigged monitors, cameras obscura upcycled fromdelivery boxes, locate the project within LOT-EK’s body of research and design, and within their URBAN SCAN enquiry into the critical noticing and radical repurposing of abundant infrastructural artifacts, addressing and sheltering unrealized cultural, social, residential, and political occupations.