Client: The Trust for Governors Island
Type: Operation Center
Location: Governors Island
Size: 65,000sf
Design: 2018
Structure: Silman
Mechanical: FISKAA
Civil: Langan

The Governors Island Operation Center is part of the recent transformation of the island, which was a military base and then the Coast Guard headquarter, until the early 2000 when it was reclaimed as part of the city, with its historic sites and a new large public park. The Operation Center houses the vehicles, equipment, material and personnel to maintain the island.

Inspired by the two forts existing on the island, 98 shipping containers are stacked two high and arrayed to form a circle, outlining a large internal area of work, protecting and hiding the inside utilitarian space with a solid outer edge. Most containers are left untouched and used only as a perimeter. 14 containers house the office space on two levels and are fully retrofitted with plumbing and HVAC.

Containers are transported by truck or barge to the island. They are selected by color and left unpainted. A graphic treatment adds a new layer to the structure, alluding to the interior use and occupation.