Commission: Museum of Moden Art, New York
Type: Installation
Fabrication: Marc Ganzglass
Design: 2001
Exhibited: Worksphere curated by Paola Antonelli

An airplane cargo container (LD3) is transformed into an individual workstation that blurs the boundaries between work/play, activity/relaxation, isolation/communication, meditation/entertainment. The container is conceived as a modular and moveable unit that can provide complete isolation or be combined to allow team work. Its top/front portion opens up to connect to more Inspiro-Tainers and create a meeting room. Inside, the container is fitted with a moveable seat and desk that allow the user’s body to go from a lounging/reclining position to an upright position. Both seat and top are operated by hydraulic pistons connected to two separate hydraulic pumps installed on the back of the container. The Inspiro-Tainer is an incubator for ideas. It is equipped with computer, flat screen monitor, stereo DVD/CD player, surround sound speakers, CD projector and retractable screen, reading lights and ventilation fans. All inside surfaces are lined with convoluted foam used both as padding and acoustic insulation. All technologies and mechanisms are operated by a touch screen panel through which the user can easily activate and select preferred configurations.

To see how this project is assembled, please visit the LOT-EK page on Vimeo.