Client: Storefront for Art and Architecture 
Project Type: Light Fixtures
Location: New York, NY
Completion: 2017

LITE-SCAPES SF is an edition of lighting fixtures. One liter of clear colorized latex rubber is cast and threaded through with a 20” tube of LED flexible neon. The topology of each fixture derives from the packaging insert that mediates between an electric toothbrush and its shipping box. These inserts are transfer mold castings of fibrous recycled paper slurry, sprayed from a pulp pool against a metal mesh mold, to which it is adhered by a vacuum.

LOT-EK designed a special edition of LITE-SCAPES for STOREFRONT' spring benefit. This is a limited edition of 20 light pieces made with clear colored rubber molded in a small appliance (electric toothbrush) packaging insert.

These LITE-SCAPES come in 5 colors - only 4 pieces per color: red, orange, yellow, green, blue.
This is the first iteration of Storefront Editions, a series of works from the worlds of art, architecture, and design specially commissioned for STOREFRONT annual fundraiser.

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