Client: Metal Management
Type: Office Building
Location: Newark, NJ
Size: 15,000 SF
Design: 2007
Structure: Silman 
Mechanincal: David Rosini

50 shipping containers are reclaimed and retrofitted to house the operation offices of the main east-coast plant of the largest metal recycling company in the US.
The containers are stacked three levels high and lifted off the ground on a steel frame to allow parking underneath.
The building functions as a large billboard visible from one of the main routes to Newark Airport. Its flat and expansive west façade is oriented to face the airport incoming traffic and it is inscribed with the super-graphic logo of the company.
Forty-foot long shipping containers are stacked length-wise to provide horizontal circulation at each level. By plugging more forty and twenty-foot shipping containers on the opposite side of this container wall the building’s east elevation becomes very articulated with containers jutting out at different levels. The complex articulation responds to the organizational layout of all the different departments.
At the second level, one of the 40-foot containers juts out of the east elevation extending into a bridge that spans over the entrance and exit scales to provide an elevated check point for incoming and exiting delivery trucks.
In the interior office space containers are combined to create larger areas such as the conference rooms and bull pens, or used individually as small offices and service areas.