O+O (Objects + Operations)

Type: Monograph
Author: LOT-EK (Ada Tolla and Giuseppe Lignano) with Thomas de Monchaux
Publisher: The Monacelli Press
Release date: August 29th 2017
Graphic Design: MTWTF

LOT-EK is a design practice that believes in being unoriginal, ugly, and cheap. Also in being revolutionary, gorgeous and completely luxurious. LOT-EK's works reveals extraordinary transformations of ordinary things - from their famous shipping container projects onward - combining maker culture and hacker culture into beautiful and radical visions for sustainable and meaningful living. The projects in this book - built, unbuilt, and in-progress; polemical, practical, and in-between - are complemented by photographys from LOT-EK
's multi-year URBAN SCAN project, a vast photographic document of infrastructure and incident; as well as essays by Thomas de Monchaux and interviews with founding partners Ada Tolla and Giuseppe Lignano. To operate on an object is to objectify an operation. This book/text is an object; your act of seeing/reading is an operation. Read before operating. Remove before flight. Pull to arm. Discard packaging. Open other side.

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