Barbie in the 90s enters the world of communication technologies sitting in front of a screen that is the terminal of the many inter-active networks.  A TV antenna is pulled open to a 90 degree angle and rotated to a comfortable slant in order to hold the seat in a lounging position.


A bared monitor is affixed to the retractable portion of the antenna which allows one to adjust its distance from the viewer's body.  The revolving movement around the antenna's base combines the primary function of intercepting signals with the rotation of the chair itself.


Barbie sits. Rotates her chair, points it towards a desired information/entertainment source.  Retrieves images on the monitor in front of her.  Pulls it towards her when it gets interesting.  Barbie in the 90s brings her plastic, ageless smoothness in contrast with the precarious and transient reality of the contemporary urban environment.