Client: ZYJ Sunriver, China
Type: Entrance Pavilion, Market Street, Restaurant Plaza, Acquatic Sports Pier, Rest Stations
Location: Qiyun Montain Camp - Huangshan - China
Size: 75,000 SF
Design: 2017
Structure: Silman Associates
Fabrication: ArchiSpace

The Qiyun Mountain Camp is a large natural adventure and extreme sport park in China. It is located by the Qiyun Mountain, a beautiful natural and sacred site as the birthplace of Taoism and the yin and yang symbol. We designed all the public services within the pristine natural setting of the park. Shipping containers are cut on a bias to generate the base units of the various buildings. They are joined, mirrored, tilted and recombined to fit the several programs and to make up new typologies. Three different areas are carefully inserted in the landscape considering the varying topography and are color-coded to create detectible landmarks within the natural setting.

The orange and blue area at the entrance is marked by the gate building and market street. The Entrance Pavilion, a gate with turnstiles below and offices, ticket area and information center above, is visible from the main roadway to the park. It provides access to Market Street, occupied by shops, cafes, service areas and restrooms, with pergolas, double levels and upper decks to connect to the surrounding landscape. The yellow and blue area of the Restaurant Plaza is located on one of the park’s hills. It overlooks the river below with its indoor space and outdoor terrace, and slopes down toward the park through an open amphitheater. A long, tilted container is the lunch platform for a zip-line. Near the water, the blue Aquatic Pier provides lake access and related services. Modular units are combined around a shaded cluster with changing areas and cafes, arrayed to offer storage for kayaks and to direct visitors to the water, where a floating pier stretches into the lake for water sports.