Project Type: Co-working hotel
Location: New York City
Size: 26,880 SF
Design: 2014
Project Architects: Marcelo Ertorteguy + Reza Zia
Structural Engineer: Silman

SPACIOUS has commissioned LOT-EK with the design of their newly conceived "co-working hotel", to be implemented nationwide starting from New York City.

SPACIOUS articulates their co-working hotel concept on the following principles:
- Hotel guests earn a rebate for offering the room as a private office while they're out during the day
- Hideaway beds turn into office workstations, and lockable storage makes it comfortable, seamless, and safe.
- Coworking members get private offices on demand, plus in-house coffee, meals and hotel amenities.
- Anyone can drop-in and book spaces by the hour, or just hang out in the atrium lobby for refreshments, meetups, and free wifi.

LOT-EK conceived a modular concept centered around a central atrium which opens to the street, with a large glazed opening visually connecting to urban life. At every floor, stepping balconies look into the atrium and are used as shared work spaces. Private hotel rooms that turn into private offices open directly onto these balconies.

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