Client: Christine Jones
Type: Performing Arts
Size: 30 SF
Design: 2008
Exhibited: Princeton University, Julliard School of Music, NYIT, Times Square
Photography: Danny Bright

Conceived by theater set designer Christine Jones and developed in its architecture form by LOT-EK, Theater for One is a theater for one actor and one audience member. Inspired by small one-to-one spaces - such as the confessional or the sex peep-booth - Theater for One explores the intense emotion of live theater through the direct and intimate one-to-one interaction of actor and audience.
Theater for One uses the ‘road-box’ technology to configure a system where connected and detachable units form the theater black box, allowing for continuous transformability, interchangeability and expansion. The audience sitting area, referencing the iconography of baroque theaters and opera houses, is lined with red padded velvet and incorporates a peep-booth chair with stereo speakers and pay buttons. The actor unit is left raw to be transformed according to the play. Its background is a flexible plug-in system where different sets can be exchanged depending on the play requirements. A small plug-in box at the top holds lights and special effects, including rain and snow.

To see a video of this project in action, please visit us on Vimeo.