Client: Brooklyn Museum 
Type: Public Art Installation 
Size: 3,400sqft
Location: Domino Park, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Design: 2020
Consultants: Structure: Silman, Eytan Solomon, Hermona Tamrat
Fabrication: Containers, Sea Box; Connections, Maspeth Welding + Peck&Hale; Site Work, Craft Workshop
Photography: Courtesy of LOT-EK + Marc Azoulay © 

TRIANGLE STACK #2 is designed for the Brooklyn Museum to support an urban-scale mural by the artist JR, and create an instant public space, a 60-foot tall triangular courtyard open to the city and the sky.

STACKS are temporary large-scale installations that aim at creating sudden and powerful experience in public space. Taking advantage of the systems and technologies for movement and storage of shipping containers, STACKS propose ‘dry’ assemblies, in which containers are selected and simply piled up to form different configurations—generating a variety of volumes and of interior spaces. Strategies of repetition and variation both channel and challenge the shipping container’s structural logic: twisting the conventional container masses with attention to space, and to a direct one-to-one experience as the stack space is visited, crossed and traversed freely. STACKS are site activators.

In May and June 2018, JR’s mobile studio was parked at fifteen different locations around the five boroughs of New York City, chosen for being specific crossroads of the city. JR and his team photographed 1,128 New Yorkers, from all walks of life, in their own neighborhoods. Only through this artistic process can such a unique cross-section of the city be brought together in a mural. The aim is to tell a story of New York City today through art: its energy, its feats, its issues, its people.